after 4 hours o_______o”“

color sketch of chibi Mr. Fantastic :3 
design based on the one in the movies ^w^

I think I’m going to draw Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four as chibi now…. 
I love these movies and there are not so much fanart of them… 

BUT I hate the chast for the new Fantastic Four movie wich is coming 2015 ._. 

I just love it when my friend Jenni says that I get better and better at drawing by every picture. That makes me feel very happy :3 

despicable me art wuhu *3* 
chibi Lucy \\(^w^)//// she will always be my favorite character ;3

and done ~

she is one of my first OCs … I miss her a bit …. 
she was named like me but I think I rename her into Kuro :) 

end card picture for my next video :3 

I’m working on an end card picture for my youtube videos :3
with Haru \\(^w^)////